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Stephanie was born in Paisley, famous for its textile heritage and the paisley patterns, and grew up on the Orkney Islands and later in Canada and she has been strongly influenced and inspired by all these places.  Light,water,skies,colour, Pictish,Celtic,Norse and Native Canadian Mythology are all elements of her work which unconsciously interplay and combine as a unifying thread running through her various works. Recently she has been drawn back to her roots too, with her own paisley patterns, including the SRD logo.


"Creativity is the opposite of routine, happy coincidences can inspire and lead to something even more fabulous than you ever first imagined!"


Stephanie graduated from Herriot Watt Univerity's Scottish College of Textiles (as it was then) with a BSc Hons in Clothing &Textiles with Pattern Cutting.  Following that she worked briefly in textiles, manufacturing and in quality control and then she found herself living her childhood dream of designing clothes for dolls.




She has always enjoyed learning new things and developing new skills, exploring lots of different media and finding ways to use them creatively in her work.  


Following a short course at Edinburgh College of Art in Silversmithing, she discovered a new passion for designing and making jewellery, particularly using sterling silver and semi precious stones.  More recently she has been exploring the art of enamelling on copper and silver which has also led her to explore glass fusing, slumping and beadwork.  


"It's the light reflections and fabulous colours that I find so inspirational and seductive, I had to see what I could do, what can I create?"


All Stephanie's creations (apart from the textile prints, prints of her paintings and cards) are unique and one of a kind and will never be duplicated exactly again.  Commissions are always welcome and should you have something you would like to try to create, please contact her to discuss the possibilities.

" I was living my childhood dream, I remembered making clothes for my beloved Sindy doll on my Mums old treadle Singer sewing machine, and seeing a programme on television where a girl got to spend a day at Pedigree with the designer of the Sindy Doll Clothes...I was so envious! But here I was now grown up doing something very similar and absolutely loving it."   


As it happened this was an amazing opportunity, as the position not only allowed her to explore her design and pattern cutting skills, but it also gave her experience in product design and development, packaging design, and fabric print design.  However, even dreams come to an end eventually and life often leads you in other directions, to new adventures, experiences and dreams.


Stephanie moved on to work freelance on a variety of projects.  These included website design, graphic design, dress design and manufacture, interior design, and textile and surface pattern design. She has also recently been involved in a number of architectural projects, both commercial and domestic, designing floorplans and building layouts. Her experience in different areas allows her the insight to see a larger picture and anticipate and often "design out" possible problems in production or manufacture.

Design. Create. Inspire. Desire.

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